Is Epic Games planning to launch spaceship In Fortnite?

Is Epic Games planning to launch spaceship In Fortnite?

According to the latest leaks of Fortnite, there could be a UFO shaped spaceship hiding in the depths of the Loot Lake. This indicates that we could see aliens in the ninth season of the Epic Games title.

Lucas7yoshi is the protagonist behind this leak and it could be true since the leaker has been right on so many occasions in the past. The leaked image of the code shows an object by the name of “LakeStructure_Hull” and it can is found in the dig site file. The image shows a donut-shaped structure resembling a UFO. “Hull” stands for the main body of a ship or other vessel. Meanwhile, for the “LakeStructure”, Loot Lake is the only water body present inside the map. This proves our previously mentioned statement that a spaceship is under the lake and we could see in the ninth season. This also coincided with the recent appearance of Runes on the map.

A “Hatch” file has also popped up under the Loot Lake file. The image of the hatch shows that they might require keys to open them. Meanwhile, the Runes or the map still remain a mystery that is yet to be solved by the Fortnite community. Some players suggest that these runes could be the keys that will open the locks of the hatch. So the appearance of the Spaceship is holding more credibility. We hope to see the hatch open up by the end of season eight. The rise of a spaceship from the lake might change the physical features of the map. Get ready to see spaceship and aliens in the upcoming season.

Avengers meet Fortnite

Meanwhile, the third image of the crossover between Fortnite and Avengers has been released. Like the previous images, it comes with the caption, “Whatever it takes”.

This latest image shows a Fortnite character wearing the Iron Man gauntlets. The crossover will release tomorrow on 25th April. Epic has done a great job of keeping this event hidden from the data miners. So at the moment, we can only guess that it could be a special limited time mode. Or all these hero items could be the new in-game accessories that could be won by completing challenges.

A couple of days ago Fortnite announced its crossover with the Avengers and it was done through the shield of Captain America, evoking the past and even in possible theories that lead to an era before the war in Wakanda. The next day the picture with the Storm Destroyer, Thor’s ax was released, suggesting a possible epic team scuffle.

What is clear is that the release of Endgame has delayed the release of a patch that is always expected on Wednesdays. So everything points to the fact that we will have to wait until April 25 for the new update. Tomorrow Thursday will not be any day, because the new update will arrive with the Avengers: Endgame and we will also welcome the challenges of the next week.

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