The International 2019 dates revealed

The Weibo account of Vici Gaming has made one of the biggest announcements of the year. Since they might have possibly leaked the dates of TI9. According to the Chinese team, one of the most awaited eSports competitions in the world will take place in August. According to the details, the Group Stage will last for two days, from August 16th to 18th. Then the Main Event of the competition will take place from August 20th to 25th.

It should be added to your knowledge that Valve has not verified this information. So it might be just a false rumor or it could be a leak from VG’s Wiebo. Since if you search for the dates TI9 then google will give you the same outcome. From our perspective, we are just excited to see such things happening in the build-up to the TI.

At the moment out of twelve, only four spots have been secured in the DPC rankings. Vici Gaming, Evil Geniuses, Team Secret, and Virtus Pro have confirmed their tickets to China. We will truly know who will qualify for TI9 after the last competition of the circuit, EPICENTER Major 2019. We might even see some spots filled after the MDL Disneyland® Paris Major.

Who Will Fly to China?

After the conclusion of the EPICENTER Major, the teams will have little time to prepare for the regional qualifiers. In the qualifiers, only those teams will compete who failed to get into the top 12 of the DPC. Only six slots are up for grabs, for each of the six regions. Valve hasn’t unveiled the dates of the qualifiers, but we are confident that the will take place in July 2019.

This year, Shanghai China will have the pleasure to host the TI at Mercedes Benz Arena. This is the first time that the country is hosting this tournament and they have every right to do so since the region is truly passionate for Dota 2. This season so far out of the top four, one Chinese team, Vici Gaming will compete on the home soil.

OG are the reigning champions of the TI9. The EU side is have not earned a single point so far as we move to the final days of the DPC. The team has recently made changes to its roster by again recruiting Ana into its ranks.

Now OG will compete at MDL Disneyland® Paris Major with its TI winning lineup. We believe that this team can still qualify for TI. They have the ability to win the two upcoming Majors. Or they can simply take a long way and qualify through the open qualifiers. They have proved it on so many occasions that they can prevail even in the darkest hours.

We surely can’t wait to see who will be the last eight-team to secure the slot to China.

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