ForZe is the champion of Copenhagen Games 2019

ForZe is the champion of Copenhagen Games 2019

ForZe was proclaimed champion of Copenhagen Games 2019 after beating Sprout in the final by 2-1. The Russian team started by losing the first map 0-1. Yet the team still managed to overcome the German team to take the title home.

Road to Final

Froze didn’t have the best of starts to the competition since they finished the group stage at 2nd place. The side lost to Movistar Riders but redeemed itself against Ambush and Epsilon. In the semifinal, they won quite convincingly against Tricked Esports. The Russian beat them 2-0 with a 16-7 score on Inferno and Dust 2.

Sprout also had a slow start to the competition with a defeat against Tricked Esports. However, the team did well against Gambit Youngsters and Söderberg & Partners to progress to the semifinals. In the semis, they beat the Spanish team, Movistar RIder 2-1 to contest the final against Forze.

The Final

The first map of the finale was Nuke, which was picked by Sprout. It was an incredibly close game where the German team needed overtime to take the victory (15-19). On Mirage, after a very tight first half (7-8 for Sprout), the Russian team managed to tie the final by winning by 16-11 playing a superb game on the CT side.

The map that was left to break the tie was Inferno, where ForZe had a solid start playing as CTs. The Russian side went into the halftime with 3 points lead (9-6). Sprout was utterly outplayed by the Russians on the terrorists’ side who won 16-8.

Underperforming Movistar Riders

Movistar Riders were the only Spanish team that traveled to Denmark, in the hopes of competing in the BYOC qualifier. More than 100 teams competed in this qualifier, most of them amateurs or semi-professionals. As expected, the riders overcame the group stage and the playoffs without losing any matches.

Already qualified for the main event of Copenhagen Games 2019, Movistar Riders was placed in Group A together with ForZe, Epsilon, and Ambush. The Spanish team beat their three rivals and advanced to the semi-finals of the tournament, where they met the runner-ups of the competition, Sprout. The German team started the series by winning the first map, Nuke 16-10.

The final map

Movistar Riders managed to tie the series 1-1 after beating Sprout on Vertigo by 16-11. The third and final map was Inferno. It was dominated in the first half by the terrorist side of Sprout. They went into the lead with 7 points, (4-11). After the break, the German team won with a 12-16 victory.

With this victory, Forze takes home $49,692.33, while 2nd place German team, Sprout has to settle for $19,575.77. Despite, being the favorites to with competition, Movistar takes only $9,787.88 after finishing at 3rd place.

The next big competition coming your way is the EC7 Season 7 where some of the top teams in CS: GO are competing in the quarterfinals.

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