AVANGAR wins DreamHack Open Rio 2019

FURIA Esports was defeated by AVANGAR, in the final of DreamHack Open Rio 2019. After finishing the group stage in second place, the Brazilian team reached the playoffs in decent form as they defeated another Brazilian team, Sharks Esports in the semifinal. However, the team was unable to overcome AVANGAR and was defeated 2-1. The event started on Friday, and the grand finale took place last night at the Olympic Park in Rio de Janeiro.

AVANGAR beat Serbia’s Valiance in the semifinals and takes home $ 50,000 in prizes. While FURIA had to settle for 2nd place and wins $ 20,000. Let’s check out details of the great DreamHack Rio final between FURIA and AVANGAR.

First map (Vertigo)

The new competitive map of CS: GO, Vertigo made its second appearance on DreamHack. The previous appearance was made by the map in the semifinal match between FURIA and Sharks. FURIA dominated the Sharks and the Brazilians thought they could do the same to AVANGAR. With excellent performance of Yuri ‘yuurih’ Santos, who achieved a 2.0 rating, FURIA completely demolished AVANGAR 16-2. Yuurih ended the game with an incredible 26-2 K/D ratio.

Second map (Inferno)

The grand final series was tied 1-1 after Inferno. In the first half, after two consecutive rounds of FURIA, Sanjar “SANJI” Kuliev led AVANGAR to a comeback. The Kazakhstan team coordinated well on the map and went into the break with a 9-6 lead. After the break, FURIA was unable to capitalize on the clutch moments. AVANGAR capitalized on the lazy performance of the Brazilians and pushed the grand finale to a third game.

Third map (Train)

The last match of DreamHack Rio took place on Train. FURIA started dominating the first half after winning the pistol round. AVANGAR still managed to take advantage of some mistakes of the Brazilian team but failed to turn the score. The first half ended with a 10-5 lead for FURIA. After the break, AVANGAR mounted a comeback and at one point tied the game 13-13. FURIA got back into the game and tied the series 15-15. Now the final was all set to be in overtime.

Overtime started with FURIA playing as terrorists and played a slow game. The team was patient in pushing the bombsites. However, AVANGAR’s Ali “Jame” Djami was having none of it. He made some impressive plays and made sure that FURIA was unable to push the sites. When AVANGAR played as the T side they also adopted FURIA’s strategy. Their last minute push was much more effective than the Brazilians. The final game ended with a 19-16 win for the Kazakhstan team.

The DreamHack Rio de Janeiro 2019 final between AVANGAR and FURIA eSports was the most popular match of the tournament since it was spectated by more than 67 thousand people.

On Twitch.tv over 64 thousand spectators watched the tournament simultaneously. The top three popular matches also included a standoff between AVANGAR and eUnited on the first day of the competition.

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