Apex Legends free fall on Twitch

Apex Legends free fall on Twitch

Apex Legends, Respawn’s Battle Royale has seen an 83% drop in its audience on Twitch TV over the past two months. The game arrived with the promise to dethrone the Epic Game’s title, Fortnite. On its launch, the title broke viewership records in February to reach 300 thousand spectators. Since then, however, that audience has dropped to 50,000, according to Twitch Metrics. Apex Legends is available for free download on PS4, Xbox One and PC (Origin).

Shortly after its release, Apex Legends hit 300,000 on Twitch. The EA title became the most watched game on the platform in February. However, Apex began to suffer a fall the following month, having an average lower than 100 thousand spectators in March. In April, the game had an approximate average of 50,000 views, about 83% of the audience less than the 300,000 figure. Apex Legends now lags behind Fortnite, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) and League of Legends (LoL).

Apex Legends Is Falling Off Hard, At Least On Twitch from r/apexlegends

One of the possible reasons for the fall of Apex Legends is a large number of Battle Royale games on the market. Moreover, their fall can also be attributed to the lack of content. Since the players are getting tired of the same characters and objectives. Meanwhile, Fortnite continues to introduce new content week after week.

Community Against Respawn

Fans of Apex Legends have recently criticized the developers for not working on fixing some in-game sound bugs. A few weeks ago, Respawn Entertainment studio promised to solve these problems “in the next update”. Yet, in a recent patch, there was not a single hint of these bug fixes.

In March, Respawn community manager Jay Freshpet announced that Apex knows about the problems and they will take care of it. He promised that the studio would answer all the questions in the next week, but this did not happen. April 15 for Apex Legends patch 1.1.1. was released. Yet, there was no specific information about solving any issue. The developers only wrote that they know about bugs and are doing everything possible to fix them. Fans of the game did not like this answer, and Reddit had several angry threads about it.

1.1.1 Patch Notes – Patch going live around 10am PST on 4/16 from r/apexlegends

One of the game’s developers, known on Reddit under the nickname Scriptacus, took part in the discussion on the subreddit. He said that several separate teams are working on Apex Legends and each of them is responsible for its own “sector”. If the studio releases a patch with a balance of weapons or characters, this does not mean that it has to deal with the problem is other “sectors” of the shooter.

We believe that this inability of Respawn to solve the problem could result in the downfall of the title. The decline in Twitch justifies our statement. So Apex really needs to make big changes, before the title meets the faith of H1Z1.

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