Quinault Indian Nation accuses Valve for illegal gambling

A lawsuit by the Quinault Indian Nation accuses Valve for benefiting from operating illegal gambling in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The esports gambling sites, which were responsible for the exchange of these skins, are the subject of the lawsuit. The Quinault Indian Nation claims in its lawsuit that Valve was well aware of the fraud and even facilitated these websites.

The Quinault Indian Nation filed a lawsuit against Valve for gambling for years without a license. Since the Quinault Indian Nation is responsible for a casino in Washington – and Valve’s headquarters are located there. The plaintiffs are now demanding damages from the gaming company.

In 2013, Valve introduced numerous skins for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive weapons that players could obtain by opening loot boxes. The keys to these boxes could be purchased directly from the Steam Store. According to the Quinault Indian Nation, it was in their opinion a modified version of a slot machine on the Internet.

The Indian company has filed a lawsuit that the people in charge of Stream knew about the bots that worked for these websites. Yet Valve decided not to do anything about it. The Quinault Indian Nation also claims that Valve even supported these websites with their technology while benefiting financially. If Valve actually offered to gamble, the company would have to pay two percent of its revenue to a fund specifically for casinos in Washington. Valve executives have not commented on this situation yet. We will know in a few days, what the future holds for Valve in Washington. We believe that Valve will have to pay a healthy fine for supporting the culprits in the first place.

ENCE Will compete in the BLAST Pro Series

Lawsuits against Valve will not stop the organizers to invite ENCE eSports to compete in the BLAST Pro Series Madrid 2019. Earlier, Astralis, Natus Vincere, Cloud9, and Ninjas in Pyjamas were invited to the esports tournament.

The championship will take place from 10 to 11 May in Spain. Six teams will compete for $ 250,000. The last participant will be the winner of the Play-In stage that will take place on May 10. The organizers will hold a best of three series between Movistar Riders and Giants Gaming. The winner of the series will compete alongside some of the best teams in the world on the main stage.

Earlier, representatives of the championship announced that at the end of the year the BLAST Global Final will take place. The four best teams of the BLAST Pro Series tournaments in 2019 will compete in the Global Final for $ 500 thousand dollars. At each championship teams will receive points depending on the final ranks. The purpose of doing so in order to determine the participants of the final competition.

Let’s see if Astralis has what it takes to make a comeback this time around after finishing at 5th place in Miami.

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