Potential winners of ESL One Mumbai 2019

Potential winners of ESL One Mumbai 2019

The ESL One of Mumbai begins on Tuesday, April 16. It is the second event of the competitive season of Dota 2 organized by ESL. Although this event is outside the professional DPC circuit, it will be contested by 8 teams with $ 300,000 on the line. Let’s have a comprehensive look at the teams, whom we believe can win ESL Mumbai 2019.

Keen Gaming

Undoubtedly, Keen is the favorite to win the ESL One Mumbai. Since, out of all the teams competing in India, the side holds impressive results in the 2018-2019 season. Keen sits at eighth place in DPC the ranking thanks to the 90 points won by finishing at third place in the Minor of Bucharest. After that, the side earned 900 points with the sixth place in the recent DreamLeague Major.

In addition, Keen has also qualified for the MDL Major at Disneyland Paris. They will be arriving in Paris after beating some of the top teams of the region. The team was restructured in September 2018 with the arrival of “old chicken” and “eleven” from EHOME.

TNC Predator

TNC is also a strong contender for the title after Keen Gaming. The side is ranked at tenth place in the ranking and will be aiming to finish in this spot to secure the invitation for The International 9. So far, the greatest achievements of TNC this season is securing the qualification for the Kuala Lumpur and the Chongqing Major where the team finished at fifth and twelfth place respectively.

Complexity Gaming

So far this season, the North American team has only qualified for one DPC tournament, specifically in the DreamLeague Minor. The NA side got the first place through the regional qualifiers but in the main event, they finished at fifth place. As the season reaches its climax, they sit at the 32nd place in the DPC ranking with 40 points.


We believe that Mineski is the third best team in Southeast Asia, behind Fnatic and TNC Predator. The side had its fair share of struggles but finally managed to qualify for the DreamLeague Major, finishing at ninth place. They occupy the 22nd place in the ranking with 150 DPC points.

Throughout the season the side has displayed poor results. In March the team was restructured with the release of “Febby” and “pieliedie”. Their vacant spots were filled by two veterans who have previously played for Mineski, “Bimbo” and “ninjaboogie”.

The Pango

This team surprised everyone in the regional qualifiers of the Chongqing Major where they won against Virtus Pro in the final. Although their performance in the Major was not very good, they occupy 14th place in the ranking with 75 points.

After the Chongqing Major, the CIS side struggled, as it did not qualify for the StarLadder Minor. The team also failed to participate in the DreamLeague Major.


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