Top Fortnite controversies in recent years

The Epic Games title, Fortnite was released on July 2017. In two years of life, the game has become a true phenomenon but also faces its fair share of controversies. Even with the controversies, the game registered more than 200 million registered players at the end of 2018 and is one of the most played titles around the world. Here’s a list of most popular controversies involving Fortnite and Epic Games.

Epic vs A 14-Year-Old

In October 2017 Epic Games launched legal action against players who cheated in Fortnite with illegal programs. One case, in particular, was a 14-year-old boy getting sued by the company. Alarmed by the situation, his mother sent a letter with various arguments against Epic.

Attempts to overturn the action did not have an effect in the first instance, as the company rebutted the points raised by the mother and labeled them as irrelevant in a civil action document. The lawsuit against the minor continues to cause Internet protests to date, both in favor and against the attitude of Epic Games.

Celebs Sue Fortnite

Fortnite includes dance animations to provoke opponents or complete challenges. The dance moves, however, have become a problem for Epic Games. In 2018, there was another accusation against the developer of stealing steps from celebrities, such as Alfonso Ribeiro and rapper 2 Milly. The two sued the company claiming the company used their dance steps in the game without consent.

The controversy does not stop there. Donald Faison, known for his role as Christopher Turk in the Scrubs series, went on Twitter to express dissatisfaction with the emote Dance Moves, one of the most famous animations in the game. The choreography is similar to what the actor does in one of the episodes of the television series. The rapper BlocBoy JB also sued the company for alleged plagiarism of his dance in the music video Shoot, in the game, the emote is Hype.

Fighting the Pedophiles

In February 2019, the game’s developer decided to stop linking Fortnite ads to YouTube after discovering that the displayed advertisements in videos were the ones that circulated among paedophiles on the platform. The videos in question did not contain pornographic content with children but attracted comments with sexual content.

A representative of Epic Games said that in addition to the removal of ads, they contacted Google and YouTube to understand what effort these companies apply to combat paedophilia on the platform. So far, Fortnite ads are on the outside of YouTube.

Prince Harry hates Fortnite

The most recent controversy of 2019, is when Prince Harry caught the attention of the public by stating that Battle Royale is addictive. The Duke of Sussex made statements against social media platforms but emphasized that Fortnite, one of the world’s most popular games, drain the minds of the youth. According to the prince, parents of children playing the Battle Royale need to intervene and take action.

Tfue in the news

This latest episode was not Tfue’s first appearance in the press. He also participated in spats on the terms of his contract with his former team managers at FaZe Clan. They became unjustly draconian and he took substantial earnings from him. He said. Such claims were flatly denied by the FaZe clan leaders.

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