Professional players are criticizing Epic Games for every wrong move

The debates regarding the controversial Fortnite update 8.20 and the recent changes implemented by Epic Games are increasingly taking on the shape of a soap opera. Today, Shroud, former professional Counter Strike: Global Offensive player now involved with Apex Legends, also spoke about the controversy.

Prominent players like Tyler “Ninja” Blevins have openly criticized the settings of the new competitive Arena mode. Since it has very long matchmaking times which makes the broadcasting experience quite agonizing for both fans and the streamer. In this regard, Shroud has empathized with the pro gamers who are making their voice heard. He openly said is his streamer that the pros are making their voice heard and they have every right to do so. Since they have dedicated so much time to the title

At the same time, however, he believes that with Fortnite the efforts of the pro will go in vain since Epic Games does not seem to be interested. He said that Fortnite is making so many mistakes that make you think that the developer is not will to invest in the professional scene. They only care about making money and updating the game regularly with new content.

He concluded by stating that, despite everything, the life of the pro gamers is not so difficult thanks to Fortnite and its rich tournaments. He says that the pros should be happy for all the money they make – they can lose the games and still earn thousands of dollars. Epic Games, meanwhile, has not yet expressed its opinion on this whole affair.

Recently, many Fortnite streamers and professional players have criticized Epic Games for unsuccessful updates. They are unhappy that the developers have removed the mechanics of “vampirism” from regular matches, and also banned the use of non-standard screen resolution in online tournaments. They did it just a week before the start of the qualifiers for the world championship.

Epic Games also announced plans to upgrade the Arena mode. Developers will add new points scoring rules and change the rewards for moving to a new league. They will try to fix the problem with a long wait for the start of the match. Instead, users will be able to join another game or move to an island of creative mode.

Fortnite Streamer gifts PC

Meanwhile, in other Fortnite news, Tim “TimTheTatman” Betar gifted a PC to his subscriber named Brady. Streamer and the boy met during the TimTheTatman broadcast, in which he played a duo Fortnite match. During the match, Brady also started to stream. The spectators of Betar switched to his broadcast and started sending donations to him. Brady collected about $ 500, and TimTheTatman said he would add money to the new computer. After the stream, the boy posted a video on Twitter, in which, he was weeping.

TimTheTatman is also known for helping novice streamers in channel development. At the end of each broadcast, he selects a random stream from the list with a small number of viewers and retransmits it on his channel on Twitch.

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