FORG1VEN has finally started to play ranked games

On April 3, Konstantinos FORG1VEN Tszortsu finished his service in the Greek army. In a matter of a day, 6th Challenger rank in the League of Legends on EUW server. According to the statistics, FORG1VEN played under the nickname DeepblueIBM and won 15 out of 20 matches in solo ranked games. Most of the games he played were with Lucian, Caitlyn, and Vayne.

In the duo rankings, FORG1VEN played several matches with a player under the name swqswqdeqzawq – their win rate was 86% in seven games. Presumably, the partner of the Greek CArry was Jesse “Jesiz” Lee . Recently, he hinted that he was ready to leave the post of coach of Misfits Gaming and return to the professional stage. But only if he played in the same team with FORG1VEN.

On April 1, FORG1VEN tweeted that he is open to signing for professional teams. He clarified that he is ready to go through test matches and attend boot camps.

FORG1VEN is one of the veterans of the European competitive LoL since 2014. In 2016, he took third place in the EU LCS Summer Split and reached the semifinals of the Worlds Championship with H2k-Gaming. Since 2017, Zzortsu has been streaming, commenting on and serving in the Greek league, and in April 2018 he joined the army.

Spring Cleaning Coming Up

Riot Games has announced that it is going to carry out a “spring cleaning” in the League of Legends store. Developers will remove unpopular items to make browsing the store faster and easier for beginners to understand. They also want to make room for future innovations.

According to the leading gameplay developer Riot Games Mark Scruffy Jetter, first of all, they will remove items that made individual champions too strong. The unpopular items like Ohmwrecker will also be removed from the store.

Yetter also said that in the future, developers want to add improved versions of certain items to the store. Riot Games will introduce all changes gradually, simultaneously removing an unnecessary item and adding new ones to replace them. According to Yetter, over time, the League of Legends store will change dramatically.

No More Nexus Blitz!

Riot has also announced they will be ending the Nexus Blitz Mode. As it won’t be a permanent feature. The Nexus Blitz mode is one of the most popular modes in the game. Still, the developers have announced that they won’t be bringing it back anytime soon. Yet, they might bring with a certain event. The removal of the mode comes because fewer players are playing it. Riot also says that some players will get annoyed but there’s nothing left to do.

Riot further revealed that the mode did help the game in many ways. The Nexus Blitz will help to lay down the foundation of future in-game events. The developer said that this mode has distributed a lot of prizes and they will continue to reward the community with other events.

ASQ CSSGB Vce Files : Six Sigma Green Belt

Know me Or, I can only say that I have seen ASQ CSSGB Vce Files it, I don t dare to know. Her shoulders are narrow Six Sigma Green Belt ASQ Six Sigma Green Belt CSSGB ASQ CSSGB Vce Files and narrow, her waist is not full of grip, her short hair on CSSGB Vce Files her slender neck is not huge, and the little CSSGB Vce Files face has shiny eyes, she always shows her with a smile What I want to say. I really can t stand it. Mother is not moving in the dream, the body is too heavy.

Feng ASQ Six Sigma Green Belt CSSGB ASQ CSSGB Vce Files Erzi still ASQ CSSGB Vce Files did not speak, slowly raised the gun. In front of the police, Zhou Meng confessed everything, and the police quickly targeted the Wang Luoguo who recently committed crimes in the city. Then, another knife CSSGB Vce Files cut On the head of Wang Yu. Can the second of this chess road to forget too much, lost a whole day of chess, lost this day, CSSGB Vce Files they have to ASQ CSSGB Vce Files work dry for a week. Six Sigma Green Belt Hu Shiling fell to the ground, did not speak, did not admit defeat.

Not Gouge Ge several early pick it off, the sedan chair was not carried off to blame it Just you knock on the door, Six Sigma Green Belt a small think that is the house to steal the house it. Old Prince, Flower Schnauzer, he can not afford to mess with CSSGB Vce Files both ends.The Criminal Division Shang Zupei Zhou Shangpei will ASQ CSSGB Vce Files do things, actually turned the state handed over to the House of Representatives, said that Hua Shaner is Manchu, should be accepted by the House of Representatives. Tang Jian s struggle with only one of Tseng Kuo fan said.Once, Tseng Kuo fan to the Tang Dynasty to the Tang Kam to ask the saints think of Kung Fu, Tang Kam speaks something like this Sage thought CSSGB Vce Files too much emphasis on cautious, prudent independence effort focused on a single word. Tseng Kuo fan read the address, the pain suddenly subsided.On the day of the ASQ Six Sigma Green Belt CSSGB transfer, there was yet another official post to the ASQ CSSGB Vce Files ministries and commissions In the ordination, according to former minister Gong Lang, the academy said that since the Imperial Academy s Zeng Guofan lived in Beijing, he has always been ashamed of meeting the minister, , But also the authoritarian domineering, things confused.