Here’s how Respawn can improve Apex Legends

Here’s how Respawn can improve Apex Legends

Apex Legends came out from the depths of gaming to make a decisive mark into the eSports industry. In a matter of weeks, the Respawn title climbed to the top of the battle royale genre. However, it seems like the title is starting to lose its players. Since they have not met the demands of the public. So they are migrating to PUBG and Fortnite. In the article, we will highlight how Respawn Entertainment can continue to reign supreme.

Rating system and statistics

At the moment, your progress in the game can only be distinguished by your profile level. This doesn’t acknowledge any skill of the players. Since the profile level only indicates the number of matches played not the number of matches won. This kind of stats does not encourage the players to play the game. Since they cannot show off their skills on their profiles, they will not have the motivation to play more games. They have tried to resolve the issue by Battle Pass, but they still have a lot to do.

The Respawn title is in dire need of a ranking system. But before the ranking system, the developers should really develop a UI to display full statistics of the players. The community really want to know where it stands after so many hours invested in the game. The developer should also consider rewarding the top level players with cosmetic bonuses.

Not an easy job

From the perspective of developer, we can understand that developing a ranking system in “battle royale” is not easy. If there are no shifts in the rankings then the current system is better. Since all the players want is to reach the top ranks while others want to fight for the right of supremacy. Nonetheless, making an MMR or ELO system is a hard job where only so many factors are taken into account. Should Apex award points only to the winner or the top 30? How should the number of killings affect the rating? How many points will lose the one who died first?

Respawn Entertainment has already made a combat pass “for the show”. PUBG is still being scolded for its rating system. While Fortnite developers have not thought about such things since everything is fine. Now Apex Legends need any innovations, whether it’s ranks, events or modes.

Can Apex Survive?

Despite all the problems and unrealized opportunities in Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment should be given its due: the developers didn’t relax after the extremely successful release and started talking to game fans and fixing critical bugs. In just two months, the studio almost completely figured out the crash, released a new hero and some kind of combat pass.

Now that the main problems have been left behind. But with the recent progress shown by Respawn, they will surely take care of the content that Apex Legends is lacking. The game still has chances to win Fortnite in the war for the audience, but so far it is inferior even on Twitch.

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