UNO takes over Fortnite on Twitch

Latest Fornite news of Patch 8.20 caused a radical change in Fortnite. For some streamers around Twitch, the patch is so bad that they prefer to play Uno instead of Fortnite. For a short period, Uno became even more popular than Fortnite on Twitch.

The patch 8.20 caused havoc in Fortnite. Since Epic Games changed the rules in the game, whereby aggressive gameplay doesn’t reward as much as it did in recent weeks.

For example, if you eliminate an opponent, your health will not be restored and you will have to farm more materials again. For many professionals, this is a big and, above all a very unwanted change. They cannot train properly anymore, because the rules for tournaments are no longer available in the normal mode of Fortnite.

If you don’t like one game, so why not just play something else?

That’s how the UN hype came about. In protest against the Fortnite patch, streamers like Ninja played UNO rather than Fortnite on one evening. Apart from Ninjas other renowned streams like TimTheTatman and CouRage also enjoyed playing UNO. The followers watched their favorite streamer plat and for a short period, UNO was even able to overtake Fortnite on Twitch.

For many professionals, it is almost impossible to train for upcoming tournaments. The tournament rules, with which the professionals want to train for the 30 million US dollar World Cup, are currently only available in the new Arena mode of Fortnite. There you have to wait forever in the lobby and for the pros. Should their viewers watch them while waiting?

Alternatively, the streamer can play the normal mode of Fortnite. But there are different rules and you can not properly prepare for upcoming tournaments, such as CSGO.

How does Epic react?

A reaction to the complaints does not exist yet. In the past, however, Epic responded to such strong criticism and withdrew the change. For many professional players that would be important because the next Fortnite tournament for $ 30 million is in two weeks.

Fortnite Accused Of Plagiarism

Update: It was fake

The developers of Fortnite were accused of improperly using Ruby Ramirez’s drawing when creating one of the cosmetic items for the “Battle of the King”. In a comment for VG247, a representative of Epic Games said that the company is serious about such allegations and will examine the circumstances of the incident.

In late November 2018, Epic Games added Taro skin to Fortnite. Four months later, Ruby Ramirez mentioned on Facebook that the image is very similar to one of the drawings she published on DeviantArt. Taro from the game worked out in more detail, but in general, copies the color scheme and the very image of the character Ramirez drew.

Earlier, Epic Games was accused of stealing intellectual property. The authors of the original dances from the game filed lawsuits against the developers. In response, the company said that there is no lawsuit for the copyrights of dances.

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