Here’s what happened last night in the world of CSGO

Today we found out which player won the most titles in the competitive history of CS: GO. In addition, Team Vitality replaces HellRaisers in ECS.

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Betway esports one of the most highly rated esports betting sites announced they’d sponsor the ECS 2019/2020.

Betway esports, GG among others consistently sponsor esports events all around the planet.

The most decorated player of CS: GO

On August 21, 2012, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive announced its arrival to the world. Since, that time, the title has been played in hundreds of tournaments.

Speaking of tournaments, Astralisโ€™ achievements over the past year are something unreal. But are the members of the Danish team the most decorated ones in CS: GO? This question was answered by co-owner of Peter Tgwri1s Milovanovic on Twitter.

Tgwri1s has published a ranking of professional players, depending on the number of their victories in tournaments. According to Milovanovic, he considered only the championships that displays in the playerโ€™s profile. These profiles list some of the most significant achievements of the players which include MVP medals, awards for the top 20 seasons and titles won in prestigious tournaments. So this reference will surely be accepted by the community of CS: GO to answer who has won the most titles.

Xizt the leader

According to the list posted by Tgwri1, Richard Xizt Landstrรถm is considered the most decorated player in the history of the competitive landscape. He won 24 notable competitions. But in the list of his awards, 15 titles are dated 2012-2013. While, the veteran Landstrรถm – Olof olofmeister Kaibiera holds 23 titles in his profile, the first of which he received for winning ESWC 2014 and SLTV StarSeries X CS: GO. Kaibiera started to play for the top teams a bit later than Xizt. If he had started his career a little bit early then he might very well be sitting at the first spot today. Some might argue on the credibility of the titles won in that era. Since during that time, CS: GO had just arrived in the competitive landscape and not many strong teams were competing. However, stats are stats and one can’t overthrow them.

Tgwri1s also noted Nathan NBK Schmitt as the only Frenchman who won more than 20 competitions. According to him, Schmitt has always played in the top teams of France, and this trend continued with him playing now in Team Vitality.

No HellRaisers in StarSeries & i-League CS: GO Season 7

HellRaisers withdrew from StarSeries & i-League CS: GO Season 7, as the side has still not completed its roster. Team Vitality will replace them in the tournament.

On March 14, mousesports bought out Ozgur’s woxic Ecker’s contract from HellRaisers. Later, the team moved Bence DeadFox Borotsa to the reserve squad and signed former mouz AWPer Tomas oskar Stastny. The team also recruited Sergey lmbt Bezhanov to its ranks who replaced Amiran ami Rekhviashvili as coach.

From March 22โ€“24, HellRaisers performed in a closed qualification for DreamHack Dallas 2019 for Europe. The fifth player of the team was Igor crush Shevchenko from Vega Squadron. With him, the team won against ex-3DMAX but lost to Valiance & Co and G2 Esports.

StarSeries i-League Season 7 will take place from March 30 to April 7 in Shanghai. 16 teams will compete for $ 500 thousand. In the group stage, participants will perform on the Swiss system with matches up to two victories.

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