Overwatch – The fall of GOATS meta

Overwatch – The fall of GOATS meta

Changes in the Overwatch test servers and the actual game indicate a drop in GOATS composition. Created by the North American team GOATS, the formation uses three tanks/supports and became popular in the FPS tournaments of Blizzard. Its main heroes are Reinhardt, D.Va, and Zarya, with variations where Wiston can play in place of the Reinhardt. The supports can also vary but the most used ones are Zenyatta, Brigitte, and Lucio. Let’s have a look at the origin of the composition and analyze its downfall with the arrival of the new character Baptiste and some nerfs to the heroes of the composition.


The American team GOATS was the first to use the three tanks with three supports lineup, which is based on teamwork, survival and the exact time of use of the ultimates. The execution of the lineup went very well for the team, which had ten wins without defeats and was champion of the Beat Invitational.

At GOATS, the tanks make the front line with their shields and tremendous health bar. The supports keep the tanks alive, while also prevent the use of ultimate by the opponents and undermine their health. Despite dominating the meta since 2018, GOATS is not very popular with Overwatch fans. The main argument is that the composition creates mirror matches, which are matches between the same heroes, and are quite boring to watch and play.

How Baptiste Changes GOATS

Overwatch is currently experiencing changes to the game. One of them is the addition of the 30th hero, Baptiste. Combat doctor, Baptiste has a skills kit that is based on healing and amplifying the ability of the team. Although the change appears to be a booster for GOATS composition, Geoff Goodman, Chief Designer of Overwatch, has assured that this is not the case.

In an interview with Invenglobal, Goodman stated that after internal testing, Baptiste did not appear as strong inside GOATS. According to him, the hero will actually serve as a counter of the GOATS composition, leading to its potential downfall and he was right since the pick rate of the GOATS has declined in just days after his arrival Zyra has just 21% pick rate while Lucio sits at 17%.

Much Needed Changes

In addition to Baptiste being a potential response to GOATS, Blizzard made other changes to heroes in the composition. The Zarya’s Particle Cannon, known as her secondary shot, had the radius reduced to two meters regardless of energy level.

Lúcio had the effect of the Crossfade reduced from 30% to 20%, and the effect of Amp it up was reduced from 70% to 50%. The Wall Ride will give you more speed, going from 20% to 40%. Already Zenyatta had the effect of the Orb of Discord reduced from 30% to 25%, while damage from the Orb increased from 46 to 48.

Overall, the changes bring some nerfs to Zarya, Lucius, and Zenyatta, who also received small buffs in the process. The update has changed the functioning of the heroes, and players are questioning as to whether GOATS are the first choice.