Everything you need to know about Dota 2 March Week 3

Everything you need to know about Dota 2 March Week 3

This week, Newbee recruits a former veteran to its ranks. While the Olympics of eSports, WCG returns after 5 years. Let’s dig down into more details of the news.

Newbee Announces New Roster

Newbee team has failed to shine in the competitive circuit ever since the side lost 3-0 to Team Liquid in The International 7. Owing to the struggles, the team made new signings, leaving behind some of the familiar faces, who were the finalist in the Dota 2 World Championship. After recruiting several players and substitutes, Newbee announced some serious readjustments in the team.

According to the Chinese team’s post on the Weibo platform, Newbee has confirmed the signing of a Dota 2 legend who returns to the professional scene after training for a long time. We speak of Wang ” SanSheng ” Zhaohui, world champion of Dota 2 with Newbee in 2014 and who retired the following year to move to professional coaching and even made appearances as a commentator.

SanSheng moving to Newbee

THe veteran Chinese player arrives at the new Newbee to occupy the position of support. A role that has been a problem for Newbee ever since the departure of Zeng “Faith” Hongda as they have recruited several players in recent months but none of the signings lived up to the expectations. In addition, Wang “Banana” Jiao will continue as the coach of the Newbee side that has also signed Wen “awen” Lipeng , from Mr Game Boy.

It’s been a while since we last saw “SanSheng” playing Dota 2 professionally, despite making an appearance with Team Serenity last year at the World Showdown of Esports where he took first place. The return of “SanSheng” may be just what Newbee needs to get back on track.

Newbee has not achieved very good results so far in the competitive season, is not even among the top 20 teams in the standings. In fact, it is not even in the full list because it has not managed to qualify for any Major or Minor. The biggest achievement of the team so far this season is the fourth position the CDM Macau, a tournament that does not fall into the DPC category.

WCG Is Back!

The World Cyber ​​Games (WCG) international sports event, has announced its return with the Valve title. Dota 2 has been selected as one of the official titles that we will see in Xi’an, China, from July 18 to 21, 2019.

It is a world-class tournament inspired by the Olympic Games that has been organized since 2000, with the first event being held in Yongin, South Korea. The first edition had the representation of 17 countries, 174 participants in different disciplines (Age of Empires, Counter Strike, FIFA, UAE, StarCraft, and Unreal Tournament) and distributed $ 200,000 in prizes.

The three following editions took place in South Korea, until 2004. It became the biggest electronic sports festival of the year, attended by more than one million people from all over the world. But the lack of funding and losses meant that in 2013 the last event took place with 40 countries, 500 participants and $ 300,000 in prizes.

After five years of absence, it was said that the World Cyber ​​Games would return with an event in Bangkok, Thailand, from April 26 to 29 but it ended up being suspended. Now, they have announced a new edition in July in China.

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