Respawn bans more than 500,000 cheaters in Apex Legends

No more weeks of rumors, leaks, and predictions from the Apex Legends community about the game’s battle pass. EA Sports has announced it definitively, enlighten all the details that surround it and leaving no room for further speculation on the part of the fans.

The first thing that stands out from the information on the official website is the price of the battle pass. With a cost of 950 in-game coins, we can obtain it for less than ten euros (1000 coins for € 9.95). In addition, Apex Legends have included an option that for 2800 coins we can skip the first 25 levels and get the rewards instantly.

The battle pass will work as we have seen in the rest of the games. The more we play, the more levels we will get and the better rewards we will get. Once we buy it, the Revolutionary aspect of Lifeline, Survivor of Wraith and Outlaw of Mirage will be added to our account. With the update, Apex has also announced that they have banned nearly 1% of its users. Around 500,000 players have been banned by the developer.

Some of the Frontier notes included changes to Apex Legends Settings. You can take a look at the full patch notes below;

Season 1: Wild Frontier Patch Notes from r/apexlegends

Electronic Arts is struggling to professionalize the game and give it an experience that can continue to compete with rivals. One of the problems that has already afflicted other titles like Fortnite, Call of Duty or even League of Legends is cheating, the use of external programs to improve the performance in the game.

Chinese Assistance

Fortunately, Electronic Arts is not alone in the crusade against cheating, as it has found powerful but questionable allies. Numerous Chinese players with enough technical knowledge are developing hacks to fight the cheaters, managing to eliminate them from the Chinese servers of Apex Legends. This program has been discovered and shared on Reddit by some of the users, who have also announced a description of the different options that the program allows.

Shroud tested Octane in 2018

Going back to the update, less than 24 hours ago, Streamer Mike shroud Grzeszik during his broadcast discussed Octane and Wattson. The two legends of Apex, Octane has been initially released while Wattson is not yet announced anywhere.

Shroud revealed that he tested Apex Legends a year ago. The developers granted him access to Octane and many other Legends. According to the streamer, at that moment the legend was too OP because of high speed. However, since then the developers have managed to balance it. Grzesik did not disclose details about Wattson but stated that they would add it to the game until the end of the season.

The first Apex Legends Battle Pass is available in the game since March 19. You can purchase it for 950 Apex coins. A level 25 pass will cost players 2,800 coins.

Let’s see how Apex will bring other Legends, as some members of the community don’t like the Battle Pass. Will Octane be able to make a strong impression or the trend will fade? Only time will tell.

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