Google launches Stadia

A few weeks ago there were plenty of rumors that Google was immersed in the development of its new streaming game service, Project Stream. The idea behind the project was to enable the gamers to play directly from Google software as its streams like they presented the Assassin’s Creed saga in December.

Less than 24 hours Google officially presented Stadia. This attractive project aims to be the link between players, developers, and creators of content. It will be available later this year, first in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and some European countries. They have not talked about prices, something that almost all the gaming community was waiting for.

Without having a personal, portable or mobile computer with state-of-the-art hardware, we will be able to play the modern day games to their full potential without any compromise whatsoever.

More powerful than the fusion of PS4 Pro and Xbox One S

The feeling of power that this service transmits has translated into remarkable figures, specifically in the GPU requirements. Stadia will have a power of 10.7 teraflops, more than the sum of the latest consoles Sony and Microsoft, with 4.2 and 6 GPU teraflops respectively. This will allow gamers to play the games on 4K resolution along with HDR image and 60 frames per second.

Stadia Controller: A command to control them all?

All the controller requires is a Wi-Fi connection. Its design is halfway between the controls of Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch Controller Pro. It will have buttons for specific actions such as the assistance of the game itself introduced exclusively by the developers of the Stadia video games. Of course, there will also be a button to share images or clips via YouTube. It has a minijack on the bottom. The jack will allow us to get audio from the game and the Stadia service.

Credits: Google

Yes to the multiplayer … Not to the competitions?

In all the videos of the conference, the emphasis has been placed on multiplayer games, but Google has deliberately forgotten about electronic sports. It promises that its service will be there to architect an exclusive multiplayer, multiplatform. It will guarantee all of its users that there will be no cheating in the games. We will see what Google has to say about eSports in the future, but for now, they are more focused on the creation of casual game content than in competitions.

Stadia Games and Entertainment

Google has taken advantage of the announcement to present the creation of its own video game studio, STADIA Games and Entertainment. The person in charge of the study, Jade Raymond, has commented that not only it will bring games but that it will help take multiplayer gaming to the next level.

Good for Linux?

For lovers of other operating systems, one of the main reasons to keep using Windows has always been the ease to play video games without manually installing dozens of libraries. But now, you’ll be able to play games on Linux operating systems regardless of the libraries.

Credits: Google

The situation is set to change soon

At the moment we know little more about it. However, you can visit the official website for Stadia and ask queries from Google itself.

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