ARAM the new favourite of worlds

Riot over the years has experimented quite a bit with extra game modes for League of Legends. Nexus Blitz and URF are some of them, but the truth is that there is already one that works spectacularly since its inception and maybe it does not have the affection from Riot Games that it deserves; until now. ARAM has given us many hours of fun and has very important changes on the horizon.

With the 9.7 patches, the team in charge of the LoL will launch a mini-event of ARAM with deep adjustments and a series of missions to motivate the players to try it out.

Even shorter games and bans of champions

The first thingto highlight here is that Riot claims that a lot of changes that could end up being permanent will be the part of the test first. The purpose of this step to ensure that the map does not become unbalanced. The Riot developers talk about the bans of champions. It will be a system identical to that of the Summoner’s Rift. So that each player can eliminate the possibility that someone will use a certain champion before randomizing them.

In addition to this feature that has been a hot topic of many fans in ARAM, there is another objective for Riot; the games shouldn’t be too long. They reveal that the average duration of this game mode is 19 minutes, but there are times when encounters are extended to too much time. To avoid this, there will be an increase in the rate of respawning from one every 25 seconds to quarter of an hour to a maximum of one every 15 from 25 minutes.

The changes do not stop there since the champions will start from the usual 325 speed of movement up to 425 in a linear progression from minute 15 to 25. The champions will also get additional buffs to finish the games. From the start of the game until the 15th minute, the champions inflict an additional 10% damage to the structures. As of that minute, this percentage increases linearly until the 25th minute, when it becomes 30%.

Credits: Riot Games

Upcoming balances

So far we have talked about changes pertaining to the overall meta the game; Now it’s time to discuss the balance adjustments. The first one made available in the game will be the new damage reduction system. Champions like Nidalee and Varus can take too much advantage of their nuke skills, so all the damage inflicted by champions more than 900 units away is reduced by 15 %. The lovers of these champions can now easily outplay their opponents.

Apart from these changes, there are still 17 other champions that Riot will change exclusively for ARAM. Like Riot Games is going to reduce the healing capabilities of Sona by 25%, just in the hopes of reducing the minutes of the game.

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