An orphan arrives on the battlefield

An orphan arrives on the battlefield

Finally, Baptiste has been chosen to be part of Overwatch. Blizzard’s game needed new support to expand its catalog of characters. Since it has been a while that Overwatch hasn’t received a new member to the roster.

The Lore

According to the footage in the video of the origins of Baptiste, the enemies killed the parents of the hero number 30 during the Omnica Wars. He was one of the more than 30 million orphans of that massacre. However, the support understood that he had to do everything in his power to survive and joined Talon; Once there, with the passage of time, he understood that the organization was up to no good.

We could see in the declassified archive, Baptiste left the evil endeavors of Talon. As soon as he left, Talon launched his search to bring him back, alive or dead. The champion’s healing and combat abilities are prodigious, so we can expect a certain balance between a champion who is capable of healing and damaging.

The arrival of Jean-Baptiste Augustin is accompanied by version 1.34 of the game, which involves a series of adjustments to heroes such as Doomfist, Hanzo, Lúcio, Mccree, Mei, and Moira. The arrival of Baptiste comes at a critical moment, where Activision Blizzard is suffering for its Proprietary IPs in the absence of innovation. So it is forced to launch additional content faster and faster to keep its games alive, and Overwatch is one of those titles which has experienced a large drop in players.

The Combat Doctor

With Baptiste players win a new support character, specifically, he is a combat doctor, so his great versatility allows you to both heal and deal damage. His main weapon is a biotic grenade launcher with a triple shot system. If we shot in on the allies it heals while on the enemies, it deals decent damage.

His abilities include ‘ Regenerating Burst ‘ which heal him and his close allies in a short period of time. Baptiste’s special ability ‘ Immortality Field ‘ lasts a few seconds but allows players within its radius to not die. To this, we end with the ultimate ability ‘ Amplifying matrix ‘, which will amplify the damage of the champions of your team and will give a 2x boost in the healing abilities of Baptisite. His passive ability is the ‘ Exo boots’ to execute high-altitude jumps.

More Supports in Overwatch?

Beyond the jokes and memes, there is a major problem in Overwatch where it is not very common to find a game in which the first option of the users is to choose support; though there are of very diverse nature and very fun to play, like Lucio or Moira.

The biggest drawback is that people prefer to choose a character with a greater capacity for damage without understanding that in the game of Blizzard other things prevail. Hopefully, when we know more about Baptiste, and his abilities, he can change the mentality of more than one player.

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