Get your suits Ready, PayDay is making its way to Fortnite

Pay Day Skin hits Fortnite

Get your suits Ready, PayDay is making its way to Fortnite

Get your gang ready and suit up in the latest instalment of Fortnite fury, High
Stakes. Its made its way to PSN on the 12th March and following through to
the 19th March. Gamers have the chance to use the latest heist technology,
“The Getaway LTM”, from first observation a plunger gun with a line attached,
almost like Batmans famous grappling gun just a little less low tech but still
completing the same job and getting you to those juicier sniper positions.

Im a sucker for the costume changes that fortnite is forever bringing to their
game so the chance to have you and your best squad all dressed to the
nine’s whilst taking out the competition, I mean what gets better then that

Its safe to say that the event is going to be sticking around for long so those
eager beaver gamers can jump straight into the challenges already as these
were released in the recent update released on the 12th March. Meaning that
your little bit closer to unlocking the crowbar and fitting the part of a bank
heist crook.

Now gamers have been given 7 days for this event so its best not to sit
waiting around for the event itself to pass you by as by the time that the heist
event finishes, your going to be in a worse off position, so I advise if want to
be up there with the best of them, get cracking and make sure you aim for the
higher end of those challenges. In the famous words of Matthew

McConaughey in wolf of wall street, “you have got to pump those numbers
up, those are rookie numbers”.
The challenges that have been present to gamers are as follows:

Win a match of the Getaway

Win matches of the Getaway

Win matches of the Getaway

Use a Grappler in different matches of The Getaway

Deal damage to Jewel carrying opponents

Pick up a Jewel in different matches of The Getaway

Much like the Thanos game mode they brought out when the Avengers
Infinity War came out, again there are reports that this game mode may
resurface once Avengers End Game has been released, I’d like to see them
bring this game mode back out if it is a success after its week long takeover.
Personally id like for it be around permanently and give the game a different
sense of direction, not to the point that it almost rips off Payday, but in the
point that they create more varied game modes around the heist and utilising
the squad and everyone in it to their full potential. For example the new
update brought out new vehicles to cause carnage with, have someone within
the squad a get-a-way driver, another member being a hacker and the final
members being gangsters.
Overall I think its an amazing new game mode that is going to have everyone
rushing home from either work or school, also getting those teams that aim to
be the best and stay the best.