CS GO World Rankings after the Katowice Major

CS GO World Rankings after the Katowice Major

February was an entertaining month for CS:GO players and fans around the world, with the highlight being the IEM Katowice 2019. It was the 14th edition of this prestigious Major, where the CS GO fans were able to see Astralis making history. The Danish side became the third team in the world to win back-to-back Major victories.

The top 30 teams, according to HLTV.ORG can be found in the following post:

There have been some huge shifts due to the fact that IEM Katowice has seen a couple of upsets. ENCE (the Katowice finalists) and Renegades (top eight finish) have surpassed pundits’ expectations and has seen an impressive rise in the standings. ENCE are now the 4th team in the standings with 435 points to their name, climbing up eight places. Meanwhile, Renegades sit 7th in the table, just three points clear of NiP, who will participate at both WESG 2018/19 and Blast Pro Series Sao Paulo this month.

Astralis continued their dominance and they find themselves comfortably at the top of the leaderboard. They have 450 more points than their closes suitor in the shape of Liquid.

Some teams have climbed up through the rankings, but others have dropped massively. NRG were the 5th team in the standings before the beginning of the Major, but they now sit 11th after a disastrous run in Poland.

Mousesports are another team that have been underperforming over the past few months and they are now looking for a big roster change.