IEM Katowice 2019 playoffs guide

After two weeks of Counter Strike: Global Offensive here in Katowice which has seen 24 of the world’s best teams in the world competing for $1,000,000, the New Legends Stage has been set. The top two teams in the rankings, Astralis and Liquid, are the only two sides who made it out to this stage of the competition without losing a single tie. Both head into the New Legends Stage high on confidence, as Astralis will take on NiP while Liquid will face ENCE.

However, the headline game of the quarter-finals will be the one between the World No.3, Natus Vincere, and FaZe. These two sides have met each other in the ELEAGUE Major Bost Semi-finals two years ago, with FaZe winning the game in straight maps.

The final quarter-final fixture is the one between the in-form Renegades and the former champions MIBR. Renegades are definitely the surprise packages of this event and they will be confident about their chances, especially because MIBR aren’t that strong as they used to be a couple of years ago. However, this tie is considered to be the most balanced one, mostly because MIBR are still trying to find their form as a team, as they a lot of talent within their squad.

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