Blizzard brings Hearthstone Masters into the Esports world

Although Blizzard’s main focus is on Overwatch, it seems that they aren’t neglecting its other franchises as they now announced new plans for the Hearthstone players and fans.

First of all, Hearthstone is an online card game released by Blizzard back in 2014, which builds upon the existing lore of the Warcraft series. Practically, it uses the same elements, characters and relics as the Warcraft series. During the game, two opponents are using constructed decks of 30 cards along with a specific hero and his unique ability.

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Blizzard has now decided to make the Hearthstone world more entertaining for the fans, so they have created a new program called: Hearthstone Masters. The first two steps of the new program are the Hearthstone Masters Qualifiers and the Hearthstone Masters Tour. This means that each week during the Qualifying season, Blizzard will run 30 tournaments, hosted through Battlefy, which gives the players the possibility to compete on their own schedule. The players who win Masters qualifiers, will earn card packs and an invite to a corresponding Masters Tours event. In addition, top Hearthstone players can book their place at the Masters Tour events through an online tournament exclusive to the top 200 players on the game’s ranked ladder.

The first Hearthstone Masters tournament will kick off in June at the LINQ hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada and will offer a base prize pool of $250,000. Other Masters Tour events are slated to take place in Asia and Europe, but the locations and dates will be announced with two weeks before the start of the Qualifiers season. In addition, all Masters Qualifiers and Ranked Ladder games will be played in the best-of-three format. The Master Tour events fixtures will also be best-of-three, while the Grand Finals will be played in best-of-five.

Finally, the final step of the Heartstone Masters program is the Heartstone Grandmasters, where the professional matches will culminate. However, Blizzard doesn’t possess the full details about this event at the moment.

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