Sprout win Dreamhack Leipzig Winternational

Sprout win Dreamhack Leipzig Winternational

German team Sprout has won the Dreamhack Leipzig Winternational after a 2-0 victory over Team Expert in the Grand finals. The Dreamhack Leipzig Winternational took place at the Leipziger Messe and featured four teams from the region. It had a prize pool of €11,000 EUR with around half of the money going to the first placed team.

The domestic competition pitted the best German teams against each other. With BIG Gaming busy at the IEM Katowice Major 2019, the four teams at the event were Unicorns of Love, Sprout, Expert and Alternate Attax. The tournament had a simple single elimination bracket. The semifinals were Best of One matches while the Grand Final featured a Best of Three series.

The Grand final: Team Sprout had a strong T side.

Team Sprout took down expert in the Grand finals in order to secure the victory. The first map was Dust 2, where Expert won the first few rounds. However, once they were out of the pistol rounds, expert hardly had any impact in the match. Team Sprout took down expert 12-3 in the first half and the game was all but finished soon after. Spiidi had a strong performance and ended up with an ADR of 114.5. While expert did manage to string a few rounds together, they had very little room for error. Team Sprout eventually won Dust 2 with a 16-8 score.

The second map was Cache, which was expert’s map pick. The situation in this map was not any different as once again expert had no answer to Team Sprout’s strong T side. The lack of a viable economy and a mixture of force-buys and poor decisions meant that expert could never have a comeback. They finished the CT side with just four rounds, again putting them at a severe handicap. This time, it was Denis and Mirbit who were the leaders for Team Sprout on the scoreboard.

With this victory, Team Sprout take home €5,000 as prize money. It also secures their position in the local CSG scene as a strong contender.

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