ESL One Mumbai announced with a $300,000 prize pool.

ESL has announced their latest venture and it is going to be in India. The ESL One Mumbai 2019 will take place from April 19-21, 2019. It will take place in the financial capital of the world’s second most populous country. The ESL One Mumbai 2019 is a new venture for ESL, one that they hope will mean a permanent fixture in their calendar year. The prize pool for the event is $300,000 and it will feature the best Dota 2 teams from the world.

With a prize pool of $300,000, ESL is definitely serious about their Indian arm. They want to make it as big as the Dota 2 Minors. Since ESL does not have any Minors [ or Valve DPC events ] for this matter.


While ESL has not released many details of its upcoming tournament, we have learnt that there will be a total of twelve teams in attendance. Eleven teams will have to qualify via online qualifiers. There will be four online qualifiers from different regions in the world. They include North America, Greater China, Europe and South East Asia. One team will qualify from each of these qualifiers.


We can’t wait to bring ESL One to a completely new location – especially since this will mark the first big Dota 2 tournament in India. We see great potential in the Indian esports market and are looking forward to further foster the growth of the local scene together with our partner NODWIN Gaming.

Ulrich Schulze, Senior Vice President of Product at ESL.


Seven teams will receive direct invites to ESL One Mumbai 2019. These seven teams will be some of the biggest names in Dota 2. We can only hope to see the world famous Dota 2 players travel to the new country.

The final team, the twelfth team will be an Indian team. There will be an Indian qualifier which will see local teams competing against each other in an attempt to secure their position at ESL One Mumbai 2019.


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