XL2 Academy team removes two players to add more local representation.

XL2 Academy team removes two players to add more local representation.

The XL2 Academy team announced that they were looking for new players with local representation for their Contenders Team. The announcement on the 12th of January did not really garner much attention. Many Overwatch Contenders team make such announcements, they are seen more of a marketing gimmick. After all, why would any team want to add amateurs to their Contenders team. However, it seems that XL2 was very serious about their tweet.

According to community tweets, it seems that XL2 has released two of its players from their roster. The reason was their intention to add local representation for the team. The players leaving the roster would be James “Cloneman16” D’Arcangelo & Liam “Mangachu” Campbell. While CloneMan was the tank player for XL2, Mangachu donned the role of a DPS character.

Post their loss to Atlanta Academy in the Overwatch Contenders 2018 Season 3: North America; the roster changes were initiated. The XL2 Academy team has not had the best of results and this is just another problem with the Contenders Scene.

The Overwatch Tier 2 scene: A mess.

While Overwatch league is a success by most standards, the lower tiers of Overwatch has not seen much action. The lack of viewership numbers, incentives and prize money has hampered the growth of the Tier two scene.

XL2 Academy was one of the more well-known Academy teams. They fielded Fl0wer in the last year and had a decent fan following. New York has one of the larger fanbases in the Overwatch scene [ at least for the Contenders Scene].

The two players are now looking for new opportunities.

It was a shocking decision for many as they did not expect to see these professional players get the boot. It was a decision with a lot of thought process. The Contenders is in dire shape and there is little incentive for teams to invest so much money in salary and player benefits. They would rather use it as a brand awareness campaign, which will help connect their main OWL teams to their local fanbase. This is exactly what the NYXL seems to be doing with this decision.

We do hope that Blizzard provides more structure and exposure to the Tier two scene. Without a robust tier two scene, the OWL will collapse and it will be a huge setback to esports in general.

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