TSM enters Rocket League; signs We Dem Girlz

TSM enters Rocket League; signs We Dem Girlz

TSM has entered Rocket League as they sign the Eleague Champions. The roster was formerly called ‘We Dem Girlz’ and they won the Eleague Cup 2018 after a 4-1 score over Cloud9. While the start of the Grand finals was extremely close with the match in Overtime, but the end of the series WDM had exerted their dominance. On the last map of Neo Tokyo, ‘We Dem Girlz’ won the map with a commanding scoreline of 7-1.

The three players joining TSM Rocket League roster are:

  • Otto ‘Metsanauris’ Kaipiainen
  • Remco ‘remkoe’ den Boer
  • Jordan ‘EyeIgnite’ Stellon

We’re beyond excited to continue our journey under the TSM brand. It’s one of the biggest and most respected organizations out there with an amazing and loyal fanbase. We’re stoked to help bring the brand into Rocket League, and we will do everything we can to make the organization and its fans proud. Definitely, this is a dream come true for all of us.

Team Statement.

Rocket league: One of the steady growth stories in esports.

Rocket League has made its presence felt in the world of esports. The Game has a steady following. Despite lack of advertisements by Psyonix, we are witnessing how Rocket League continues to captivate new players and organisations. The game is essentially a case of football with cars. There is no violence in Rocket League ensuring that this game can be one of the poster boys for esports to the mainstream world. With the Olympics committee reiterating its stance that violent games do not have a place in the Olympics, Rocket League could be a welcome example to the Olympics in the future.