Cheerio, Bilbo & Sebadam leave Epsilon esports over unpaid dues.

Cheerio, Bilbo & Sebadam leave Epsilon esports over unpaid dues.

The Epsilon organisation is beginning to earn a bad name for itself in the esports scene. Following similar claims in CS: GO and Fortnite, Epsilon has now not paid its players from their Rocket League team. In a recent tweet, Cheerio, Bilbo & Sebadam announced that they are leaving Epsilon eSports.

Rocket League esports scene is growing, albeit not as fast as Psyonix would want. However, the game presents a perfect opportunity for sponsors looking to get into esports. It has a large player base and definitely has the right momentum going for it. At a time when esports titles are under pressure not to appear violet and follow the Olympics values, Rocket League stands out as a great example.

The team recently won the Gfinity Winter Series 2018 – Cup 29. The organisation has a shady past of late. They were unable to pay several of their players in other esports titles as well.

A few days ago, their Fortnite players also announced they would be leaving the organisation following non-payment.

Players need to start taking action against such organisations.

One of the biggest obstacles to taking action against organisations deciding not to pay up is the high cost of litigation. It is with this regard that it becomes necessary to set up the formation of a Players Union. However, with esports titles divided across various titles, there is a limited number of examples for players to look up to while forming a union.

With a player’s union, they can ensure that organisations do not get away with such practices. They need to ensure that organisations honour their contracts and pay players their dues. In the future, we do hope that esports sees a more structured environment.