Around 18000 Korean Overwatch accounts banned or suspended for toxicity.

Overwatch is one of the fastest games in the current list of esports titles. The game which is a combination of FPS as well as MOBA games. The game is very momentum based and can rely on hero ultimates to make or break a round. As such a single mistake usually leads to a team losing previous capture percentage. It would essentially mean the end of the round. Ultimate balances and conservation is a serious and well-thought issue in the game.

However, Overwatch as a game is also seeing rising levels of toxicity. The focus on having voice communication for all the players and their inability to get along together has laid bare the toxicity problem in Overwatch. While in Western countries, this is not a huge issue; the same cannot be said for the Korean servers.

Korea: Paving the way for dealing with toxic players.

Korea has regularly produced many strong esports players. When it comes to Blizzard’s games, South Korea has been at the forefront constantly churning out extremely talented players. In fact, more than half the players in the Overwatch League are Korean.

From players to coaches, the Korean culture is deeply embedded in the Overwatch League. In a recent post,  a Forum moderator on Blizzard confirms that there are more than 18000 accounts punished or suspended for toxic behaviour. Korean culture shows little remorse to players who show a very toxic nature in-game. They believe in fair play and even account boosting is frowned upon.

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