Zellsis joins Cloud9 on Trial starting from IBuypower Masters IV.

Zellsis joins Cloud9 on Trial starting from IBuypower Masters IV.

Premier North American Counter-Strike team Cloud9 has announced the addition of Jordan “Zellsis” Montemurro to their team. He will be on trial for the team for the duration of the next CS: GO Major. This is Cloud9’s second big announcement in the past few months. They acquired Kioshima in preparation for the upcoming Major. However, as the Major came nearer, it became more and more evident that Golden might not be able to attend the Katowice Major.

In 2018 we brought North America its greatest victory in Counter-Strike history and we’re eager to get back to it in the new year. Zellsis is more than ready to jump into the fray with us and we’re looking forward to seeing his skills in action and kicking off 2019 on the right foot.

Jack Etienne, Cloud9 CEO & Owner.

Their search for a fifth player saw them scout several young talents in the CS: GO Scene. There were numerous names attached to the Cloud9 CS: GO roster during this time period. Jack Etienne had to publicly announce that the organisation had not signed any new player, despite multiple rumours and reports.

Of course, this was before the actual official announcement. Cloud9’s addition of Zellsis completes their Counter-Strike roster.

Who is Zellsis?

Jordan “Zellsis” Montemurro is a 20-year-old North American player. A former Swole Patrol player, he has put up impressive numbers in the past few months. With a 1.12 rating on HLTV; Jordan has definitely impressed casters and several team scouts as well.

Zellsis HLTV ranking from April 17 to December 18.

As we can see in his graph, Jordan has been crucial to any team he has been a part of. In the past few months, he has maintained a very high rating; compulsively forcing opponents to strategize around him. However, it is not just his performance inside the server that makes him an amenable addition to Cloud9. He is well respected and has a very good attitude towards his teammates. Finding the right synergy and coordination in a team is crucial to any team’s success. With around 45 days left for the upcoming Major, Cloud9 hopes to surprise everyone once again. They definitely have the right mixture of talent, experience and energy required to do so. He will first appear for Cloud9 at IBuyPower Masters IV.

Although this is only a trial for Cloud9, I am grateful and excited for the opportunity to not only represent this organization and play under such experienced players, but also to prove myself as a player and as a person. I will use this time to gain what I can and further improve myself as a player and I hope I can bring something special to this team and Cloud9.

Jordan Zellsis Montemurro.

Cloud9 will attend IBuyPower Masters IV