Mistakes announces retirement from competitive Overwatch

Mistakes announces retirement from competitive Overwatch

Stanislav “Mistakes” Danilov has announced his retirement from competitive Overwatch. The player was a former member of Boston Uprising. During the inaugural season, Boston Uprising was one of the biggest surprises for the Overwatch fanbase. Boston Uprising was able to upset some of the best teams in the League and this was despite not having a star-studded roster. In fact, their roster consisted of so many unknown players that some casters put them to be worse than Shanghai Dragons initially. Of course, over the course of the League, we came to the realisation that this was an incorrect assumption.

Mistakes usually play the role of a DPS hero. He is well-known for certain trademark characters such as Tracer, Sombra and Genji. The Mistakes Sombra was one of the best Sombra’s in the League; especially when Sombra was introduced into the League.

‘Mistakes’ takes a break from competitive Overwatch

So yeah, I have not been enjoying the game for a long time. Lack of motivation and some health issues made me make this decision. I want to thank all the fans that had been with me, receiving positive messages and gifts gave me so much inspiration! :^) I’m sorry to all of you that it came this way, but at the moment I can’t change it. Thanks to Blizzard for making it such a fun and wonderful experience. Thanks to all the coaches and players I had a pleasure to work with, wish you guys all the best and will be cheering for you 😀 I might feel better and come back one day, we will see <3

Mistakes’ decision comes as a result of his lack of interest in the game. He has not found the game to be entertaining right now. The state of the game is constantly evolving with patch updates and regular changes to the meta. Right now, there are serious talks of a potential hero ban system being implemented.