Team Liquid partners with Professional Fighters League.

Team Liquid partners with Professional Fighters League.

Team Liquid has partnered with Professional Fighters League. The league is a standout in the world of Professional fighters. It is unlike other leagues where promoters create interesting matchups and surround it with a lot of hype. This league will have a format with regular season matches, playoffs and a championship event.

At Team Liquid, we seek out innovative partnerships that allow us to explore new spaces. I fell in love with MMA 15 years ago when I was a pro Starcraft player living in Seoul – I see a lot of the same core values between our organizations with a focus on entertainment, competitive sports format and athlete–first culture.

Team Liquid Founder and Co-CEO Victor Goossens.

The partnership between PGL and Team liquid will see the esports players attend various PFL matches. The young demographic for PFL compared to other fighting leagues will see Team Liquid’s presence as a huge advantage. They will be able to connect to young fans. In addition to this, according to Forbes, PFA will also be looking to increase their presence on Twitch. The Amazon-owned platform has a huge viewer base and is one of the fastest growing video streaming services.

This could also mean an opportunity for Team Liquid to use PFA’s relationship with NBC Sports Group. With esports growing in popularity, it is not surprising to expect esports come live on television. In fact, we already have various tournaments live on television already. We will keep you updated with more news of this partnership.