Cloud9 will attend IBuyPower Masters IV

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The first big tournament of 2019 in Counter-Strike Global Offensive will definitely see Cloud9 attend the event. The Former CS: GO Major Champions are the latest invite to be revealed as an invite to the tournament. IBuyPower returns to Counter-Strike after a gap of almost more than a year. They will definitely have a huge fan base at the event considering they are one of the ‘home teams’.

However, Cloud9 will definitely be looking to make an impact at this event. They have recently made a roster change and will possibly be making another very soon. With Golden out of the active roster due to medical reasons,  Cloud9 is actively searching for a fifth player. There have been multiple names thrown into the ring and we will have a decision very soon. The deadline for the roster submissions are nearing and fans await the latest news from Cloud9.

The Jack Etienne owned organisation was one of the most successful esports organisation of 2018. They were successful in multiple esports titles including Overwatch and CS: GO. The organisation has focussed on providing quality care and management for the players.

IBuyPower Masters IV

IBuyPower Masters IV will take place across a two day period from January 19th to January 20th. The tournament will see a total of eight teams in participation. The prize pool for the event has received a significant boost up to $200,000. It follows the standard GSL Format which might prove to be a problem for some teams. But given the two day time period for the event, this is the best format that suits the tournament.

All the matches will be streamed live on Twitch here.

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