Overwatch community calls for hero bans in Overwatch

One of the biggest problems with esports in Overwatch is the lack of any way to ban heroes.With constant meta changes int he game, Overwatch is constantly evolving. A slight change to one character can shift the entire meta. We also had Mark Cuban commenting on the huge meta shifts coming from (Unikrn Investor)

Patch updates bring about significant changes to the game. They can single-handedly alter the nature of the game. The changes to Brigitte definitely changed the way the game is played.

There are several Overwatch talents who feel that a hero ban [ or the concept with a different name ] can help the game immesnsely. This is what Flam3 had to say about the game.

Matt “flame” Rodriguez is currently the General Manager of Houston Outlaws. He has a deep understanding of the game and the state of the current meta. The call for a hero ban system as well as a map ban system has been consistent in Overwatch esports. While Blizzard has made its stance clear on the map ban system; there are possibilities of a hero ban system.

We also have current Overwatch players making the call for such a system. Custa, formerly of Dallas Fuel and currently a player for Los Angeles Valiant feels that Blizzard should implement such a situation.

However, is it worth it to implement a ban system in Overwatch? Will it tip the scales to one side over the other? RainBow Six Siege caster Parker Mackay does not feel it will affect the game in any negative way. In fact, it will only make the game more diverse and extremely exciting.




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