Uprising add Punkinoz to their Academy Roster; Tournament of Future Champions returns in January.

Uprising add Punkinoz to their Academy Roster; Tournament of Future Champions returns in January.

The Boston Uprising team is one of the twelve founding members for Season 2 of the Overwatch League. The league will see teams in Overwatch league also field academy teams in order to sustain the Tier two scene. This means they can always put up a strong player base and pool to choose from.

The Uprising Academy team has added Australian player Leyton “Punk” Gilchrist to their Academy roster. The player who was a former member of Sydney Drop Bears will see his career take a significant step forward with this decision. Leyton is an off-tank and has been crucial in his former team’s performance. The young player has been a crucial part of his former teams’ success. Prior to his position on the Sydney Drop Bears, the player was a member of Dark Sided, another Australian team. He helped this team reach the Grand finals of multiple Overwatch Contenders Seasons.

His positioning with D’va is well-known and he is extremely fluid with his movements. Peeling for his supports and then moving forward to aid the DPS makes him one of the more versatile members on the team.

Development of young talent

The development of young and upcoming talent is the key feature for the Boston Uprising. Owned by the Kraft Family, this sports group has always been instrumental in developing the skill set of young players. Their season 1 performance saw multiple young, relatively unknown players come together to put forth a dominating performance. Boston Uprising was one of the biggest surprises for Season 1 of the Overwatch League.

Tournament of Future Champions returns in January.

There are not many Tier 2 / 3 Overwatch LAN events in the presence of OWL and Contenders. The announcement of the Overwatch League essentially stifled the entire competitive scene. However, in the off-season, there is a lucrative opportunity for many new event organisers to come forth with a few tournaments. They can ensure that viewers have something to watch in the off-season. One such tournament is the Tournament of Future Champions. The event makes a return in January 2019 with map bans, $1k+ Prize pools.