Ambition announces his retirement from League of Legends.

Former Gen.G player Kang “Ambition” Chan-Yong has announced his retirement from Competitive League of legends. The mid-lane and Jungler is one of the most well-known players in the game. His ability and high skill ceiling ensured success for many of his past teams. The player reached his peak during 2012 when he was the mid-lane player for MiG Blaze. His performance through 2012 saw him achieve new highs and set higher targets.

However, he was also the recipient of Faker’s aggression. The mid-lane player lost repeatedly to Faker and things seemed to go downhill for Kang from there. Eventually, his career saw a huge decline over the years. Despite the lack of success on the international stage, the player was highly respected by his colleagues. He kept up his performance in solo queue and was always a high skilled player.

As with any veteran player, Ambition also made a transition to being a Jungler in his later years. His first foray as a jungler saw him trying to revive Samsung Galaxy; a team filled with Rookies in 2015. In the next year, however, Ambition was able to not only reach the World Championship but also push SK Telecom to five maps. Samsung Galaxy was able to win the next year at the Bird’s Nest in China.

Ambition’s Statement.

Retirement. It’s retirement. I have settled on retirement. I am so sorry and grateful. I wanted to do a goodbye [to the fans]”. To a viewer asking whether Ambition will be doing military service, mandatory service in Korea, Ambition laughed and answered, “I’m not going to the army.” It is typical that many Korean players retire and serve their mandatory service, but Ambition appears to be set on building his Twitch stream and spending time with his family.


Ambition will always be remembered for his achievements in the game, both as a mid lane player and in the latter years as a jungler. He was instrumental in enabling Samsung Galaxy roster make the necessary changes in order to be effective on the Worlds stage.


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