Virtus Pro add Byali and Snax back to their roster.

Virtus Pro add Byali and Snax back to their roster.

The Virtus Pro organisation has announced changes to its Counter-Strike Division. After failing to qualify for the IEM Katowice Minors, the organisation announced it would be disbanding its entire roster. Their new roster does include some former members from the team. However, the bigger news is that they will bring back two of their former players. They include Snax and Byali who were part of the former Virtus Pro squad.

This decision comes as the new squad failed to impress the owners and the lack of results was definitely a big impact. Snax moved to Mousesports in the meanwhile and was unable to gel with the rest of the team well. His inability to perform at the same level on the team and a change in his playstyle did not help the team. Mousepsorts benched Snax and they allowed Styko to rejoin the team.

This is when Snax and several Polish players realised that Snax needs the support system and the necessary playstyle on the team to succeed. He himself made the change to Virtus Pro again as now he can be with fellow Polish players. His impact on the Polish scene is unmatched in CSGO. With Virtus Pro welcoming him and Byali back into their fold, he is in a comfortable position right now.

Byali also moved and stood-in for multiple teams. However, he was unable to have the same impact as he did on other rosters. With Snax and Byali coming together on this roster, we can expect the team to produce decent results in the near future.

The core of the team: Snatchie

The statement by Virtus Pro mentions Snatchie as being the core of this roster. They formed the team around him as they believe that he is a talented player with a bright future. The promise of the Virtus Pro organisation to provide these players a world-class roster has been fulfilled with the recent changes.

Virtus Pro General Manager Statement.

It was a difficult, but calculated decision. We trust these young players who are, I hope, the future of our CS:GO, team. I’m happy to welcome Byali and Snax back to our roster: the guys are no strangers to winning titles under the banner of We also expect to see our brand new player TOAO to quickly adapt and to bring fresh ideas to the team.

The decision to keep Jakub as a coach has been completely mutual. We have ensured complete support to him. Even though he has received a profitable offer from another team, Jakub stays with us to guide the Polish CS:GO back where it belongs – at the international top.

We are saying farewell to the esports legend NEO. It’s hard to overestimate his contribution to our team’s victories. Together with Wiktor Wojtas, Filip’s efforts elevated our organization to be among the leaders of the global esports scene. I wish Filip the best of luck in any career path he may choose. We will reveal our future plans together with pashaBiceps in the next year.


For Polish fans, this is exciting news as they can see Snax playing for VP once more. The player was one of the best players in 2016 and put forth some really exciting clutch rounds. We can hope to see him rise to his former.

A New In Game Leader in TOAO.

They have also added an In-Game Leader who received suggestions from multiple professional players. TOAO has been making impact in the local scene and is a rising star in the region. His performance and the nurturing of this young player will fall on the shoulders of the management as well as the veterans in the team.

The Virtus Pro CS:GO Roster for 2019.

  • Michał “MICHU” Müller
  • Michał “snatchie” Rudzki
  • Paweł “byali” Bieliński
  • Janusz “Snax” Pogorzelski
  • Mateusz “TOAO” Zawistowski

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