Orgless and Hungry disband team; Wraxu to play Overwatch again.

Overwatch Contenders team ‘Orgless and Hungry’ has announced that they will be disbanding their Overwatch team. This decision comes as we head into the new year, and possibly the start of the next Overwatch Contenders Season. The organisation’s tweet mentions that they want to develop a Swedish squad, one which can put forth strong results for the team.

The five players who will now be without a team are :

  • Brice ‘FDGoD’ Monsçavoir
  • Lars ‘Kaas’ Oorschot
  • Tomer ‘Wayfast’ Gishri
  • Waltteri ‘Olu ‘Leskinen

They finished in the Group stage in the Overwatch Contenders Season 3 Europe. The string of poor results definitely did not help the roster’s reputation. Orgless and Hungry will proceed with a new Swedish lineup for the new season.

In addition to the players, the staff are also on the lookout for new job opportunities.

Wraxu announces a return to overwatch

Wraxu, the North American streamer who has carved a loyal following has announced that he will return to Overwatch. The streamer did not stream Overwatch for a few months now. He mentions the nerfs coming to Doomfist as enough reason for his return to Overwatch.


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