Fnatic invited to IBuyPower Masters IV

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Fnatic has received an invite to the IBuyPower Masters IV in 2019. The tournament will mark a return to CounterStrike for the PC manufacturer after a period of more than a year. With several top teams already confirming their presence at the event, this tournament promises to be exciting. The IBuyPower Masters IV takes place over a two day period. It starts on the 19th Januar 2019 and will end with the Grand finals on the next day.

Featuring a standard GSL Double elimination format, this event already has confirmed appearances from Fnatic, Astralis and Luminosity Gaming. It will be the first event for Astralis in the new year. We will see if other teams have managed to catch up to the Danish supremacy in the meantime.

Fnatic is the best team in Sweden right now. They made a few changes to their roster when they added players such as Twist and Brollan from Red Reserve. These new additions have definitely served to be the firepower that the team needs.

However, despite the improvement in their form; the team has been unable to produce good results so far. With the new year, we can hope that JW and co. are able to make progress with their current roster.