Zeus to retire from Competitive CSGO in 2019.

Zeus to retire from Competitive CSGO in 2019.

Danylo “Zeus” Teslenko is one of the best In Game leaders in the CIS region. He was a member of Natus Vincere for around seven years from 2009 to 2016. During this time, he helped the team develop into one of the strongest teams in the game. With veterans in the game such as Starix, Guardian and Flamie; Zeus was able to help the team achieve great success. However, Na’Vi was never able to win a Major; something that still stands to this day.

Zeus transitioned to move out of Natus Vincere onto Gambit Gaming. On this roster, he was able to help the new brand of players develop into a formidable squad. Together, they were able to win the PGL Krakow Major against all odds. It was a dream run and there were instances where the player’s individual brilliance were the highlights of the game. Zeus ( & Kane’s ) impact was quite evident on the team’s performance.

Zeus will stop competing in 2019

In a recent Interview on HLTV: Zeus confirms that he intends to retire from competitive CS: GO sometime in 2019.

As it stands, in 2019 I plan to end my career as a player, more likely towards the end of the year, maybe the middle, I’m not sure yet.

Danylo “Zeus” Teslenko

He has not provided a specific date for the same, so we don’t know whether this is just a thought or a specific plan for the player. Either way, it will bring to the end an illustrious career for the player. He has helped shape the careers of young and upcoming players from the CIS region.