CSGO’s two tournament organisers, ECS and ESL to work out their schedule for 2019.

CSGO’s two tournament organisers, ECS and ESL to work out their schedule for 2019.

The Counter-Strike calendar is filled with two different leagues running through the Majority of the year. The ESL Pro League and ECS comprise the majority of online matches for the majority of the teams. These LAN events also encompass a huge prize pool along with cash prizes along the way.

In a recent tweet, FaceIT has confirmed that ECS is now working along with ESL to improve the scheduling of their events. The ECS Season 6 LAN and ESL Pro League Season 8 LAN events just concluded. We will see the start of their new seasons very soon. In order to better accommodate the players, their schedule and their feedback, the two companies have come together. This is a big step forward in order to ensure that matches do not clash regularly between the two leagues.

Over the past year, we have seen teams having to forfeit matches in order to play in one league or the other. This is a decision that is often prompted by the importance of the match and its relevance to their qualification. However, teams should not have to make such a choice.

Great news for Counter-Strike.

CS: GO has an open circuit with any tournament organiser allowed to host events throughout the year. Over the past few years, ESL and ECS [ FaceIT ] has emerged as the biggest tournament organisers. However, their conflicting schedules meant that the teams and players haad to often make a choice. With the organisers sorting out their scheduling problems and possibly taking on different slots in the year for their events, we can expect a smooth 2019 for teams.


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