The PLG Grand Slam comes to an end with Fnatic as the Champions.

Fnatic emerged as the ultimate victors at the PLG Grand Slam in Abu Dhabi. The Swedish roster saw a close series against G2, however, they managed to secure the win. The three maps for the series were Dust2, Mirage and train. Fnatic managed to secure the victory in two maps itself. They had a very even performance throughout all their players. With multiple players chipping in against G2, Fnatic’s victory is a sweet memory for the team.

The Final score for the series was:

  1. Dust 2 ( 16-11 )
  2. Mirage ( 16-14 )

On the side of G2, KennyS was the only performing member. The G2 roster was not expected to make a huge impact in this tournament. They recently made some roster changes which saw Ex6tenz and Smithzz leave the team. Replacing them on the roster were Jackzz and Luckyy, former 3DMAX players. The team is still trying to find the right synergy and coordination especially with role changes on some of the existing players. Shox takes up the role of the In-Game leader for the team.

Despite so many changes to the roster and the roles, G2 still managed to reach the Grand finals. However, Fnatic has looked much more comfortable with their lineup. They are slowly emerging as a strong team in Counter-Strike. With veterans such as Xizt, Krimz and JW on the team, this roster does not lack any experience. They also recently added Twist and Brollan which provides them with the necessary firepower on the team. The two former Red reserve players have excellent synergy along with each other. With more time, we just hope that this team can become even better.

PLG Grand Slam 2018: A Learning experience for Power League gaming.

The Prize distribution at the event is very top-heavy. As a result, despite being a $100,000 event, the first place team gets $70,000. The event itself saw a lot of delays and technical difficulties. During the first two days, the delays ran through almost half the day. Some of the matches were not streamed live because of these server issues. For PLG, this is a learning experience, one that should help them develop their subsequent events.

The tournament at the Du Forum saw fans confusing PLG [ Power League Gaming ] with PGL. PGL had to issue a statement confirming that they are not associated with PLG in any way. As a result, they will be unable to answer any queries.


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