Luminosity Gaming receive an invite for the IBuyPower Masters IV

IBuyPower has made a comeback to the Counter-Strike Global Offensive scene with their latest tournament. The IBuyPower Masters 2019 takes place over a two day period from January 19th till 20th. The tournament sees a significant boost in the prize pool to $200,000. The venue for the event is the Avalon Theatre, Hollywood. The format for the tournament is a Best of One Double elimination Group stage followed by Best of Three single elimination playoffs. This format is reminiscent of the early years in Counter-Strike. However, there are obvious problems with the format as losing two Best of Ones can result in elimination from the event. However, IBUYPOWER has almost always used this format and they will continue to do so.

iBUYPOWER Masters IV Announced for January 2019

Luminosity Gaming invited to the tournament.

IBuyPower has invited Luminosity Gaming to the event. Luminosity Gaming recently made a roster change when they added Boltz to their team. Boltz replaces ‘yeL’ as he joins Luminosity Gaming. This will be their first offline event since the roster change. For Luminosity, this tournament will be a huge step forward. It will give the players a first-hand experience of their synergy and how well the players gel together. It will give them a glimpse of their future as they attempt to form a strong roster together.

Astralis receive an invite to IBuyPower Masters 2019

Astralis is the only other invited team for the tournament. There will be a total of eight teams, all of whom will receive an invite. The total prize pool of $200,000 provides a decent opportunity for the top teams in Counter-Strike to prove themselves.

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