Florida Mayhem President writes a letter to their fans ahead of Season 2.

Florida Mayhem President writes a letter to their fans ahead of Season 2.

TheFlorida Mayhem is one of the founding members of the Overwatch League. However, the team did not have a very good start to the League especially in Season 1. They were one of the worst teams in the Overwatch League Season 1. The only other team with a record worse than them is the Shanghai Dragons. While Shanghai failed to secure a single win for themselves, Florida Mayhem did not do too well either with a 7-33 record.

There were multiple problems with the Season 1 of the Overwatch League for Florida Mayhem. They had a poor support staff and that was a direct relation to the player’s performance. In this letter, John Kracum, the President of Mayhem lists out some of the problems that plagued the team for Season 1. He also mentions that the team has taken steps to solve these problems for Season 2. The management had taken a very light view of the Overwatch League. Unfortunately for them, their expectations could not be further from reality as other teams took huge strides ahead.

The Open Letter to Fans.

The Mayhem had a season filled with exciting walks on the stage.

We obviously had a lot of misses during our inaugural OWL season, and we will learn from them. The biggest is something that we’ve already taken lumps for, and something I’m happy to say we’ve been addressing over the past year. My take is that we entered OWL assuming it would be as simple as EU Contenders, and we could piece together a support structure out of the people and processes already focused on other titles. Frankly, that didn’t work – what we hoped could be a collaborative lifting up cost us the chance to make a meaningful statement in 2018.

We became one of the least relevant teams in the league, and not for lack of character6, but because of a lack of organization and delivery. We haven’t given fans a reason to be as excited as they should be, and that has been a failure of management. I consider myself part of the problem, since if I had a more firm grasp of what we were facing I might have stepped in eight months ago to start doing what I hope to do now, but I’ve been able to learn from us, from our other teams, and from the rest of the League, and I’m eager to steer us in the right direction.

The Florida Mayhem assumed that the Overwatch League would be as easy as the EU Contenders. Coming from the core of the Misfits roster for Season 1, they wanted to pool their support staff from other games. This did not prove to be a successful strategy and backfired on the team. Their poor placement for Season 1 is a testament to their problems for Season 1.

Steps for the season ahead

Tviq retains his spot for Season 2.

With the Overwatch league slated to begin from the 14th of February, Florida Mayhem is already taking steps for the new season. They have announced twelve additional full-time employees to their staff. The new staff will focus only on the Florida Mayhem.  

The good news is that we’ve already been taking steps to build something that will be great in 2019 and beyond. Since the start of 2018, we’ve added twelve more full-time employees to our staff focused solely on the Mayhem, plus we’ve added a number of people who will contribute across the organization, highlighted by the recent transition of Hussain Moosvi and our hire of Robert Yip. We’re already light years ahead of where we were last year, and if we were moving into 2018 with the staff we have now, I think we’d be one of the most memorable and fun teams to follow.

These steps will definitely inspire confidence for the team’s performance in the upcoming year. The Mayhem has fully overhauled its roster and has a majority of Korean players on its lineup for Season 2. They have retained some players from their Season 1 roster. Tviq, Sayaplayer and SNT will continue on the team for Season 2.

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