Made in Brazil to potentially make multiple changes to its roster.

Made in Brazil to potentially make multiple changes to its roster.

The Made in Brazil roster was a promising one when it came into formation. After all, it had five former Major winners and each of them had exceptional talent. At the time of its formation, two of the players were just off Cloud9 and had won the Eleague Boston Major 2018. However, the team never really reached its potential and was unable to actually challenge the big teams in Counter-Strike. They even added YNk as their coach in an attempt to provide an outsider’s perspective on their mistakes. While we did see a slight uptick in their performance at the FaceiT London Major, it was nothing out of the ordinary. The team’s performance has dwindled over the past few months. There is an obvious discord in the players’ communication as we constantly see them frustrated on stage.

There are reports that the former Cloud9 players might be considering a move away from MiBr. Tarik and Stewie2k joined MiBr with the hopes of creating a world-class roster. However, poor results for multiple months might just see this roster no longer stay together.

Stewie2k to potentially move to Team Liquid

Jacob Wolf states that Stewie2k might be moving to Team Liquid in a report. This move to the best North American team can only bolster the team’s performance. However, the addition of new firepower does not always result in improvement in results. We have had instances when teams have faltered despite having a much better roster on paper. There are various factors to the formation of a team such as a synergy, coordination and language.

Is Tarik moving to Complexity?

There are also talks of Tarik potentially moving to Complexity as Jason Lake seems ready to build his team once more. The Complexity brand is one of the oldest brands in Counter-Strike and its presence on the CS: GO stage this year brought back fond memories.

The same source, Ryan, also confirms that YNK is no longer the coach of MiBr. This might signal a complete change for MiBr [ who according to some sources is considering KnGV].

We cannot confirm either of this claims just yet, but it will be interesting to see how this roster change will affect the scene.