Waterfallz leaves Winstrike, is now a free agent.

Winstrike Counter-Strike player, Nikita “waterfaLLZ” Matveyev has announced his departure from the team. The player was already benched by the organisation for poor performances along with a few teammates. After waiting multiple months, Waterfallz has announced his departure from the team. He will be looking for a new organisation and hopes to be able to dictate his position on the team.

As we can see in the tweet, Waterfallz hopes to potentially get back tot he Main AWPer role. He might also try his hand as an In-Game Leader, esp[ecialyl as the CIS scene does not have a plethora of In-Game Leaders.

His experience as a player will come in handy any team that picks him up. He has experience of playing with young players who are just trying to make an impact on the team. The player had a huge impact for Quantum Bellator Fire’s Top Eight run at the Eleague Boston Major. However, after that initial run, the Quantum Bellator Fire team did not manage to make an impact in subsequent matches.


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