Vici Gaming bans ROtk from livestreaming and fines him for controversial remarks.

Vici Gaming has imposed a fine on their coach rOtK for inappropriate comments and unethical activities. The 26-year-old coach is a former offlane player for teams such as Ehome, LGD, Vici Gaming. His transition to coaching has definitely helped the team achieve decent success in the recent past.

The incident

Bai “rOtK” Fan recently was caught on stream talking about his betting activities. The coach was caught cursing on stream blaming LGD for losing their matches. He had apparently pursued esports betting when placing a bet on LGD which would have earned him 50 K RMB.

Which of the esports betting sites is unknown.

LGD lost to Na’Vi in the Loser’s finals of the MegaFon Winter Clash. The match saw LGD eliminated from the tournament and Na’Vi advance to the Grand finals. For many fans and analysts, this was a surprising result.

Here is the stream transcript as posted on Reddit by /u/soul1990;



(LGD are bastards. Cost me so much. Bastards. I would have earned 50k. All lost because of LGD (losing to Navi).)

Then Paparazi (sounds like him, not sure) asked:


(Ah? That much? How much did you bet?)

Rotk answered:


(20k or 30k a time)



(How many games did you bet?)



(Several games. Got them all. (except for LGD vs Navi that cost his money)).

Vici Gaming’s decision

Vici Gaming confirms that rOtK did not actually place a bet. They even posted a statement of his bank records on their Facebook page. While it is not a confirmation that the player did not place a bet [ he could have simply used a second account], it does show that Vici Gaming did investigate the issue.

Vici Gaming’s statement:

rOtk has always taken his career very seriously and in a very professional matter and has helped the team achieve excellent results from start to finish. But as a former pro player and current professional coach, he hasn’t strictly managed wording on social media and insults during the above mentioned December 10th broadcast. As such, rOtk has failed to demonstrate his professionalism and positive image to the public.

Under no circumstance will our club tolerate such behaviour and such improper words.

Effective immediately, we’re indefinitely banning rOtk from live streaming and impose a fine of ¥100,000.

This is a small, but welcome step as the player should receive punishment for his words and actions. The team also checked his bank account statements from Dec 7-9th and found no abnormal activities. You can read the full statement here.

rOtK confirms he did not bet and apologises for words

Bai “rOtK” Fan confirmed in a statement that he did not personally place a bet. He did apologize for his words as they were uncalled for. You can read his statement below.

  • He was consulted by a close friend and he did not bet himself.
  • It was not his intention to insult LGD players and that is how he normally call them when face to face.
  • He apologizes for his language and possible negative influences to all Dota fans.

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