Washington Justice and Seoul Dynasty add new players to their Overwatch team.

Washington Justice and Seoul Dynasty add new players to their Overwatch team.

With the Overwatch league fast approaching, teams are finalizing their official Season 2 teams. The Washington Justice and Seoul Dynasty have announced the addition of new players to their roster. Washington Justice was the last team to announce its branding and colours. It has not yet announced its full roster but we should expect many more announcements in the upcoming weeks.

Washington justice adds Ado and Fahzix to their team.

Gi-hyeon “Ado” Chon played for Shanghai Dragons in Season 1 of the Overwatch League. His performance was the shining light in the Shanghai Dragon’s terrible season 1. The team was unable to win a single series and ended the season with a 0-40 scoreline. This was a world record when it comes to professional sporting teams.

With the acquisition of Ado, Washington Justice definitely adds a lot of firepower to their roster. He can play multiple DPS characters, but he is most well-known for his role on the Genji. As such, it will be interesting to see how Ado gels with the team under WizardHeyong’s coaching. He also has Janus to look up to when it comes to maintaining his temperament within the game.

Fahzix Joins Washington as a Support

Slowly unveiling their roster, Washington also announced the addition of Riley “Fahzix” Taylor to their roster. The player has played for NRG esports and Envision prior to that. He helped NRG make an impressive showing in the Overwatch Contenders. However, with his addition to the Washington Justice, it will be interesting to see how they play him. He mostly prefers support characters like the Ana and Zenyatta. With a very thoughtful process in his positioning, he can ensure that the team stays alive along with a lot of sustainability even for the lowest HP heroes.

Seoul Dynasty add FITS to their team

The Seoul Dynasty was considered to be the best team at the beginning of the overwatch League. However, they did not live up to expectations despite having a relatively strong start in Stage 1. The team has now announced the addition of another DPS player to their roster. Dong-eon “FITS” Kim will be joining the team for Season 2 of Overwatch League.