Washington Justice announce three new players for Season 2: Corey, Stratus and SanSam

Washington Justice announce three new players for Season 2: Corey, Stratus and SanSam

The Washington Justice was the last team to announce its branding for the Overwatch League. The team, however, is still announcing its roster for the upcoming season. After signing their coaching staff they also brought on Janus from New York Excelsior. The Washington Justice organisation has announced three more players to join their team.

The three players that the organisation announced in a series of tweets are :

  1. Kim “SanSam” Hyang-ki
  2. Ethan “Stratus” Yankel
  3. Corey “Corey”  Nigra

Two of these players, namely Corey and Stratus come from the Overwatch Contenders. The move up to the big leagues is a huge step forward for them. However, it is not really an unexpected move since the players have proven themselves against top teams.

Corey “Corey”  Nigra

Corey was a part of the Gladiators Legion. While the Legion might not have been the most successful Contenders roster, Corey was an impressive find for many teams. The player has some of the best highlights in Contenders. His ability to read the situation and the enemy ultimates to perfection is what makes him one valuable player.  Coming into the Washington Justice, he will need to coordinate with Janus as well as WizardHyeong. We all know that WizardHyeong has a very different style of coaching. Whether that is enough to help the player develop his skill is something only time can tell.

Kim “SanSam” Hyang-ki

Kim SanSam comes into the team as the off-tank player. His perfection on characters like D’va as well as Zarya is easily noticeable in his playstyle. He has a good spatial awareness and is always available to help his teammates. Here is a Youtube Video of Meta Athena playing against Meta Bellum in 2018.


SanSam’s role on the team is crucial as he acts as the protector for the majority of the team. With Zarya, we have seen him develop a high charge of energy on a consistent basis. Despite this, he can also deal a lot of damage just by spamming his personal shield on a regular basis.

Ethan “Stratus” Yankel

Stratus previously played for NRG esports, the Contenders Roster for San Francisco Shock in Season 1. The DPS player was instrumental in NRG Esports reaching the Top four in Season 2 of NA Contenders 2018. The player who takes on the DPS role in the team is usually on the characters like Pharah, Genji or Tracer.

Washington Justice still has more members to announce for Season 2. With WizardHyeong leading the team and helping the players develop their own strategy, this team has a lot of potential. This is the only team that has not announced at least eight players till now.

Overwatch League Season 2 starts on February 14th, 2019. You can catch all the action live on Twitch.