Refrezh leaves Fragsters; Hunden possibly to leave Alternate Attax.

Refrezh leaves Fragsters; Hunden possibly to leave Alternate Attax.

The Fragsters Counter-Strike roster is slowly unravelling as we now have the second player leaving the team in as many weeks. This time, it is Ismail “refrezh” Ali who parts ways with the team. The twenty-year-old is a young talent and one of the heaviest hitters in the game. He definitely has a bright future and he has helped Fragsters have exceedingly good results. With him on the roster, Fragsters made playoff appearances at multiple tournaments. They reached the playoffs at Dreamhack Open Valencia as well as Dreamhack Atlanta. In addition to this, they also reached the quarterfinals at Starseries & I-League Season 6. The team’s performance has shown a significant improvement in the past few months and Refrezh was a big part of this improvement.

Refrezh is the second player to leave the roster. We saw the departure of Lucas “Bubski” Andersen from the roster. However, Bubski had a medical reason for his initial absence from multiple tournaments. The subsequent departure from the team was a natural progression for the player. Refrezh departure comes at a critical juncture for the team. Their results have definitely been encouraging, but with the roster falling apart their future looks bleak.

The possibility of joining a new team?

There is always the possibility of the player joining a new roster. He is exceptionally talented and is a crucial asset to many teams. His young age means that teams can help mould his playstyle, his approach to the game and his temperament in the correct manner. With the right guidance, Refrezh can become one of the best players to come from Denmark.

Every journey has an end and my journey with these boys ends now. We have accomplished good things together, but it is time for me to try something new.

I have nothing but respect for these talented guys and I wish them the best, I would also like to thank my CEO, Kenneth Goldy, for handling this situation and overall being a really nice boss.

Ismail “refrezh” Ali.

Fragsters are all set to participate in the closed qualifiers for the CS: GO Major. With only three members remaining on the team, their future looks bleak and uncertain. We will keep you informed about the young player and if he joins any roster.

Hunden to leave Alternate Attax

There are reports of Hunden looking at the possibility of leaving the Alternate Attax roster. The tactical player feels like the team is not on the same page right now. The difference in playstyle and approach to the game clearly shows in the lack of coordination and synergy on this team. The aftermath of Tizian’s departure to BIG Gaming has been tough on Hunden.

It was pretty tough at the beginning, we had a pretty good player in tiziaN, I was really happy about how he was approaching the game and working, but when he was sold we could not find the right replacement.

He was the support player of the team, and there were no support players we could find in Germany. It was hard for us.

Hunden to HLTV

There is no official statement from Fragsters on the same. We expect some news from the team very soon. With Hunden clearly showing a disinclination to continue on the roster, he might not be on the roster very soon.